R.A.W. Truth in the Netherlands


For the fifth time a devoted group offers a seminar that aims to restore the Biblical, Historic and Scientific foundation of true nourishment through food.

Youth With A Mission in Heidebeek, Netherlands offers a two day intensive seminar with hands on workshops. 18 individuals from the surrounding area signed up and hungry to learn they arrived. Alongside the sharing, done by Craig of YWAM Malaga in Spain, real nourishing food is offered to connect the participants with the reality that is presented.

Craig has seen his own health restored with the help of what he shares, and the content is supported from both a Biblical, Historic and Scientific perspective.

Many are surprised to discover how our cultures take things for granted and we don’t think about the impact of some of the practices and customs we carry on without asking any questions.

The R.A.W. Truth seminars share eye-opening truths that cultures have know for millennium, yet have gotten lost in our present day society. At the heart we see the Creator God lifted up and the Redeemer Jesus stand at the centre, both as the one with the power to set us free and the wisdom to lead us to His ways.